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Robin Luciano: from watercolor to mixed media

Published artist, Robin Luciano Beaty, has a creative sense like no other; with work that transitions from watercolor paintings to mixed-media and wax/encaustic art styles, she continues to experiment and grow with every piece.

Her hand-built studio, located in the comfy and convenient location of her backyard, was featured in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Magazine in May of 2011 and she has also graced the cover of G-Style Magazine, Art New England Magazine, Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe, and Artscope Magazine who regarded her as “one of the most heralded of New England encaustic artists.”

When asked where she sees her art going in the future Robin replied, “Personally, I feel that is a complicated question to answer. I’ve never created art with the intention of becoming “famous” or even well known in my field. I create art because I simply MUST. Yes, I do consider it a full time job but art, to me, is an instinctual, intuitive and necessary process in my life. I believe that passion, genuine energy and hard work is precisely what led me to where I am at this stage of my career and the success of my work. In my opinion, being a successful artist does not constitute being represented by the most elite galleries, having your work sell for the highest prices or even the ultimate honor of having your work hang in prestigious museum collections. Although these are all wonderful accolades I feel my greatest accomplishment will be to maintain communicating myself genuinely through my work, being consistent in my commitment to it as a career and the ability to inspire more and more people with my art. That is essentially what makes me feel successful. Everything else is just extra…but those extras are also very awesome, I will admit! Logistically speaking, I aim for my work to be seen in more and more galleries, both nationally and internationally, over the coming years with consistent and more frequent solo exhibitions.”

Here at Cavata Clothing we strongly support music and art education (10% of all purchases going towards music and art education initiatives) Robin believes art is a very important topic for children to discover in school – “I believe this depends on the school but in my general opinion most public school art education is minimal to nonexistent at best. This is a subject that is both frustrating and discouraging to me. The arts are , by far, the most important factor in teaching our children culture, diversity and originality (amongst many other factors imperative to their fresh young minds and growth). Factually, art like music and theatre, for example, strongly improve academic skills like math and reading but more importantly it promotes creativity, social development, personality adjustment and self-worth. THE most important characteristics we could possibly promote in children. Bottom line, there simply NEEDS to be more public art education in our country. It’s disappointing to say the least.”

An inspiring to aspiring artists, Robin has found her place and so can you.  On being an independent artist and personal business owner, like owners Lori Kirk and Peter Needham, she says “What can I say? It’s a dream job. I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It takes a great deal of hard work, perseverance and self-motivation to be a successful, independent artist but I simply could not imagine a life or career without creating art. Just the thought of it bores me to tears.”


Notable Awards:

  • 2009 International Encaustic Painting Conference Award for Best in Show
  • The NH 2010 Spotlight Award for Outstanding Abstract Artist of the Year
  • Wire Magazine’s one of 2009’s most intriguing artists and 2010’s Stand Out Artist of the Yea