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Featured Artist: Andrew Camacho

Everyday we’re listening to new, up & coming, emerging artists but it’s so hard to come across an artist who has a raw and genuine realness about them.  Like all working artists, Camacho is continuously refining his sound, but he is banking on his genuine approach to set him apart from the masses of cookie cutter musicians (check out “Turnt”)

Andrew “Camacho,” a 22-year-old hip-hop artist from New London, CT, has established his own savvy brand. With a laid back, smooth delivery, this multi-faceted artist creates an original mix of smooth hip-hop and R&B with a new age feel. Reaching fans on an international level, Camacho has been living in the studio, recording tracks with Producers Semaj Foreman and Milky Beatz, to bring to life a project that will give his fans an intimate look at where he is headed as an artist.


Camacho is equally as talented behind the lens as he is in front of the camera. Responsible for directing and editing his own music videos and promotional drops with his company, Flawless Visuals, Camacho has also produced music videos and interviews for Joe Budden, Fabolous, Apathy, Chris Webby, & more.


At the end of the day, Camacho is more than just another underground rapper — and that’s reflected in his lyrics and welcomed by his growing fan base. “Music needs to be spontaneous and full of emotion,” says Camacho. “This is my life, my view, my words and I’m here to share it with you.”

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