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These days I don’t watch too much television but my new favorite show is NBC’s “Community.” I luff this show! I’m a big fan of ensemble casts like “The Office” so “Community” is right up my alley. The show centers on Jeff Winger (Joel McHale from The Soup), a suspended lawyer who was forced back into school after his college degree is deemed invalid by the state bar association because his degree is from Colombia, not Columbia University, and the newly formed study group he joins. Jeff’s point of view may have been the premise of the series but the show really does a great job of focusing on the other characters like the hilarious Abed and Troy combo. Plus, a bumbling Chevy freaking Chase is in this show and he fully embraces his age portraying a lonely old man who takes courses at the community college to combat loneliness. Think of the best parts of Chevy Chase, amplify them by a hundred, then throw in a dash of “I don’t know, I’m oooold” excuses and its pure comedy.

The only thing I keep thinking is, “So, does the show end when they transfer or graduate?”