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petey gibson

Featured Artist: Petey Gibson

A few years ago, a friend had an extra ticket and invited me to see All The Kings Men at The Oberon in Cambridge, MA.  I had heard about All the Kings Men (Boston’s premier gender-bending performance troupe) and always wanted to see a live performance but for some reason or another, I never had the [ Read More.. ]


Featured Comic: DAVE RUSSO

A few weeks ago I agreed to go to a fundraiser comedy show for my step-brother’s wrestling team.  Expecting it to be an incredibly tame school-related function, my expectations were low.  I got a drink, sat in the front row, wondered where the finger food was and waited for the show to begin.  As soon as [ Read More.. ]

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Featured Artists: RIFRAKT

A few months ago I was sitting in a waiting room, perusing the interwebz on my phone, searching through random tweets and Google results for something musically or artistically interesting to help me kill a few minutes. I always like to discover new groups, people and projects in the Boston area so I narrowed my [ Read More.. ]

The Deep North

The Deep North in Alternative Press!

We cannot send out a big enough CONGRATULATIONS to our friends in The Deep North for making Alternative Press Magazine’s AP&R section of the Most Anticipated Music of 2013.  As a newly formed group, 2012 was a monumental year for The Deep North and it is perfectly fitting they receive such an accolade as we celebrate [ Read More.. ]


New Music Monday: The Deep North EP

My friends in The Deep North recently released their debut, self-titled EP and I’ve been listening to it non-stop for days.  Already featured on some of the biggest music blogs in Boston, The Deep North is gaining plenty of well-deserved attention in the short amount of time they have been together.  Right now you can [ Read More.. ]

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Featured Artist: OH THE HUMANITY!

Though in their current form they have not been on the scene for very long, OH THE HUMANITY! has started to make a name for themselves throughout clubs, basements, and side alleys of the greater Boston area. I’ve known members of this group since the glory days of UMass Lowell where we’d play shows with [ Read More.. ]


Proph Bundy Design & Photography

As we all increasingly download our music instead of browsing through the shelves of our local record shop, album artwork has seemingly become less important…right?  Wrong.  Even though physical albums are in decline, social media is far from plateauing and good album artwork is an extremely effective way to digitally promote an artist’s brand. Let’s [ Read More.. ]

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Natural’s “20 Something” NOW AVAILABLE

CAVATA and Stay Puft Productions Present: NATURAL – 20 SOMETHING If you missed out on Natural’s Release Party at Church Boston on Monday, here is your chance to get your hands on the project that everyone in the Boston hip hop scene is talking about. With features from The Famous Nobodies (Dutch Rebelle, Chris Brook [ Read More.. ]

Bad Rabbits

If you’re a Bostonian, you know Bad Rabbits. Whether you became a fan through the Eclectic Collective or Irepress, odds are you’ve seen these guys delivering high energy – some would say often manic – performances at some point over the past 10 years. Although it would seem only natural for musicians to grow weary [ Read More.. ]

Featured Artist: Catherine Maldonado

Meet Catherine Maldonado, founder of TeePearls. Professionally, Catherine is front-end web developer. Amateurly, she creates a variety of accessories using recycled tee shirts that I was lucky enough to experience at the First Annual Boston Tee Party a few weeks ago. “I’ve noticed a resurgence of large, statement jewelry pieces and think I offer something [ Read More.. ]

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