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Boston Music Awards: Part II (John Rensink, Kahdiak, Vagiant)

So in the last blog post I closed the entry by showing you a photo of a PanzerBastard band member sticking a Cavata pin in his eyeball and in his ear.  Might be hard to top that…


SweetPete gets upclose and personal with the camera along side Boston’s own R&B sensation, John Rensink. Intensity in ten cities.



Kahdiak- Hip Hop artist & one half of the duo, CPR.

Kahdiak had some great things to say about the current state of hip hop.  To paraphrase, his opinion is artists need to come together and help build the community rather than tearing each other down to see who can make it to the top first.  I can dig that!  Its one of the main reasons why I started Cavata- to bring creative people together to support a good cause and promote expression rather than stifling it.  Props to Kahdiak for his widsom and his taste in debonair suits!


This is where the nominees were announced.  No acceptance speeches, just an announcer, people screaming in excitement and a few photographs.  Personally, I really liked how they arranged this.  I’d rather spend more time being able to mingle and seeing great artists/groups than listening to 20 acceptance speeches.  This is also where Ernie Boch Jr. accepted his “Humanitarian of the Year Award.”  For those of you who aren’t from the Boston area, Ernie Boch Jr. is somewhat of a local celebrity here.  If you haven’t bought a car from one of his dealerships I can guarantee that you know at least one person who did.  Not only is he a billion-dollar CEO he is also a musician, his band is called Ernie and the Automatics (get it?), and runs the non-profit organization called Music Drives Us.  All proceeds from the BMAs supported this cause that provides grants to schools and organizations to keep music and art programs alive.

ernie 2

Since we were at the Boston Music Awards and practically everybody there was from the area its no suprise I discovered some interesting connections to people I met.  We saw the best all-girl punk group called Vagiant and as it turns out I actually went to the same elementary school as one of the members and this same member’s godmother is my mom’s childhood friend. 


These girls kicked so much ass it was unbelieveable.  I like all genres of music (for the most part) but I’ve never heard a punk band like this.  Originally I was excited to see an all-girl group that was actually GOOD and then I got even more excited when they had me and Juice jamming out with the rest of the mohawked, suspender-clad audience.  Check out my bright red face!  I kid you not…we were going mental during their performance and it had to be at least 100º in that piece.


Juice was definitely feelin’ it!  Not sure if the chick in the red dress was feelin’ it, too, or was just confused.  Lady in reeeeeeed!