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Boston, Massachusetts is an amazing city; not only is it rich in American history there’s also no shortage of cultural, visual and performing arts venues. I’ve lived around Boston my entire life yet I still have not experienced everything this city has to offer!

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I’ll admit that I go out to see more music than I do theaters or museums so I’ve been making a better effort to change that! Whether you’re just passing through Boston, visiting on vacation or are a Beantown native, make sure to check out at least a few of these amazing places (and definitely take the T or a cab because parking costs loot!)

American Repertory Company
Charles Theatre
The Huntington Theatre
The Colonial Theatre
The Cutler Theatre
The Lyric Stage Company
The Opera House
TD Bank North Garden
Boston Center for the Arts The Shubert Theatre
The Wang Center
Boston Theatre Works
Broadway in Boston
Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

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I truly feel that part of the reason some people don’t take full advantage of the art world is because they don’t know about it. I’m going to start posting more venues and events you may not have heard about and we’re adding an events calendar to the site.