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Black Diamonds

Lots of kids aspire to become a rock stars, including myself; I was pretty much convinced I was the next Mariah when I was in middle school. A local band named Black Diamonds, however, is doing just that. The average age of its members is 10 and they’ve already achieved a measure of international fame including shows in Europe. Lead singer, AJ Marks, and drummer, Nick Calnan, are 12, guitarist, Henry McIntyre, is 10 and bass player, Wolfgang Burger, is 8. What was I doing when I was 8? I was probably watching Mrs. Doubtfire while listening to Mariah’s “Dreamlover” and eating Fruit Roll Ups.

Although they are little cuties it would be a mistake to describe Black Diamonds as a bunch of “cute little kids playing cutesy little songs” according to Paul Tennant of the Eagle Tribune. “These guys play with power and precision” which is just one of the reasons they were the 1st Place winners at Music On & Up’s 18 and Under Showcase at the Hard Rock Boston in October.