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February 2013 Archive


Food Art: Leah Foster

Guest blogger, Bianca Palumbo, talks about art, cupcakes and self-empowerment. While reading some news on I was drawn in by an article with a photo featuring hundreds and hundreds of prettily frosted cupcakes.  My first thought…how is this art?  Its just cupcakes.  Have you ever seen anything like this before?  I know I hadn’t. [ Read More.. ]


CAVATA’s Top 10 Love Songs

Valentine’s Day has come and gone but it got me thinking about, you guessed it, love songs.  When you can’t find the right words and a cheesy Hallmark card just won’t suffice, a love song can help seal the deal.  They come in all forms, all genres and speak to everyone.  Many of us dread [ Read More.. ]


Breakfast at Sulimay’s –

I always have the funniest conversations with my grandparents; whether its showing my Nana how my iphone can take photos and send them to someone else or explaining to my other Nana how people buy our tee shirts through the internet, they always find a way to make me chuckle.  Because I have such a [ Read More.. ]

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New Artist Hype: Popularity or Talent?

Our newest CAVATA blogger, Bianca, posed this question: “With so many new and up and coming artists in the Boston music scene why are we continuously watching the same videos?” We very rarely notice people from our own neighborhoods until they become “famous.”  Why is that?  For the most part, its not because they’ve become exponentially [ Read More.. ]

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Boston Whiteout 2013

If you’re a fellow Bostonian, I don’t need to tell you that it snowed…a lot.  From all of us here at CAVATA we hope everyone is staying safe and warm and is enjoying a fun-filled snowed-in weekend.  I know that I’m personally using it as an excuse to eat delicious comfort foods, drink tasty libations, [ Read More.. ]

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Featured Artists: RIFRAKT

A few months ago I was sitting in a waiting room, perusing the interwebz on my phone, searching through random tweets and Google results for something musically or artistically interesting to help me kill a few minutes. I always like to discover new groups, people and projects in the Boston area so I narrowed my [ Read More.. ]

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TIMMY’S TAKE: Zero Dark Thirty

:  :  :   WARNING   :  :  :  Timmy’s Take contains adult language, controversial themes and is intended for mature audiences only.  The opinions expressed in Timmy’s Take are those of Timmy and do not necessarily reflect those of CAVATA.  If you are offended by anything Timmy has to say just remember… I wasn’t going [ Read More.. ]