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Natural State Of Grace

Natural X CAVATA Present: State Of Grace Release Party – November 16th

Mark your calendars for November 16th, 2013!  We are proud to announce the official date for Natural’s Release Party/Benefit concert held at “Who’s On First” in Boston!  Other acts will be announced as we get close to the show date but the most important aspect of this announcement is that 100% of the money raised [ Read More.. ]


Keyan Keihani Releases New Record: Eastbound

Keyan Keihani is not only a talented alt-country singer, songwriter and guitarist, he’s also my colleague at Brafton! I see Keyan from time to time when he travels from the San Francisco office to our headquarters in Boston and I had heard he was in the process of recording a new full-length album. Now that [ Read More.. ]

on my honor

Featured Band: On My Honor

On My Honor is a high energy pop punk band heavily influenced by likes of Jimmy Eat World, Rufio, Saves the Day and New Found Glory.  Having played over 600 shows in 16 countries at every venue, basement, community center and VFW that would have them, the band has put in an incredible amount of [ Read More.. ]


Featured Artist: Andrew Camacho

Everyday we’re listening to new, up & coming, emerging artists but it’s so hard to come across an artist who has a raw and genuine realness about them.  Like all working artists, Camacho is continuously refining his sound, but he is banking on his genuine approach to set him apart from the masses of cookie [ Read More.. ]

Natural State Of Grace

State Of Grace – New release from Natural

I want to share with our readers this open letter from CAVATA artist, Natural, explaining his new single, “State Of Grace.”  I won’t try and summarize the letter.  Instead, read it for yourself, let it sink in and help spread the good word.   Boston and beyond, It has been almost six months since the [ Read More.. ]


“A Successful Failure” – by Louie Bello

Who am I? What am I trying to become? Where am I going in life? These are some questions that we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives. The only problem is that no one can truly answer these questions but us. As children, we aspire to be great like our icons and [ Read More.. ]


CAVATA Fall 2013 Internship Opportunities

We have some very exciting internship opportunities at CAVATA for the Fall of 2013!  First up, we’re seeking a Graphic Design intern.  Will it be you? POSITION: GRAPHIC DESIGN INTERN Fall 2013 We’re looking for someone who can work independently with limited guidance, meet tight deadlines and, most importantly, create unique graphics that encompass our branding [ Read More.. ]


Featured Artist: BLUE GOLD

I’ve known (Jake) J The S as a friend and artist for a few years now so when I heard that he was in a new band I couldn’t wait to check it out.  As one of my favorite rappers (Boston and otherwise) I knew that Jake had to have something special up his sleeve [ Read More.. ]


Featured Artist: Krista Angelucci

  Aspiring pop-country singer, Krista Angelucci, is on a mission.  Having released her first album “Like It Or Not” this past September, she has gained quite the dedicated fan base and is packing intimate venues across New England.  Aspiring to possess the same level of showmanship and confidence as her childhood idol, Amy Grant, Angelucci [ Read More.. ]


Heart-Breaking Sign Making: What would you do?

Whether you’re pro giving to panhandlers or not, a group of artists wants you to at least know a homeless person’s story before you pass him or her by. “Signs for the Homeless,” a project started by two Boston artists, Christopher Hope and Kenji Nakayama, invites skilled drawers in Massachusetts to give homeless people’s drab cardboard [ Read More.. ]

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