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June 2012 Archive


Even though I am a co-owner of the CAVATA brand, I still rock tees, hoodies and accessories from a variety of different companies. Before I learned about the indie apparel industry and the different techniques of screen and DTG printing, I did what everyone else did…I shopped at the mall. I’m not writing this blog [ Read More.. ]

The Deep North

The Deep North played their first show ever last night at CHURCH in Boston. Although this was their first show as a group, the musicians that comprise the quintet are far from amateurs. Heavily influenced by bands like Death Cab For Cutie, Jimmy Eat World and American Football, The Deep North is atmospheric and dynamic [ Read More.. ]


The Chronicles of J The S

“There’s a big world out there with a lot going on in it. I’m just trying to do my part. I just want to get my point across and say what I feel.”

1st Annual Boston Tee Party & Design Expo

The 1st Annual Boston Tee Party & Design Expo is almost here! Brought to you by The Tee Gazette, on August 11th from 4pm – 8pm local and national indie t-shirt brands (including CAVATA), designers and artists are gathering at the The Boston Teacher’s Union Hall for selling and trading tees, to learn about indie [ Read More.. ]


TIMMY’S TAKE: The Dictator

*** WARNING *** Timmy’s Take contains adult language and content and is probably the most vulgar movie review segment you’ll ever read. It is not intended for children, the elderly or people without a sense of humor. The views expressed in Timmy’s Take do not necessarily reflect the views of CAVATA. Enjoy! I always hate [ Read More.. ]

#12for12 Boston Cypher

At the 11:24 mark, Casso starts with, “Yo by the way, stop sleepin’ on my city.” For one reason or another, Boston hip-hop has been, well, slept on – at least in recent years. Some simply assume there aren’t any good rappers in Beantown. Some say they all sound alike. Some say there’s nothing but [ Read More.. ]

Quincy, MA – 06/12/12


The Chronicles of J the S

“There’s a big world out there with a lot going on in it. I’m just trying to do my part. I just want to get my point across and say what I feel. I just want to talk to the people.” -J the S


Natural drops “I Don’t Play” music video

Last week CAVATA presented the release party for Natural’s official music video “I Don’t Play” produced by our very own, Pete Needy.  We also gave party-goers an exclusive sneak peek at the first installment of the 2012 CAVATA Summer Line before it hit the online shop.  Thank you to everyone who came out and showed [ Read More.. ]

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