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May 2012 Archive

DJ Carmin Wong

Say hello to DJ Carmin Wong, CAVATA’s newest sponsored artist.  Known for her unique mix of progressive house and trance Carmin Wong is holding it down on the West Coast and internationally for the CAVATA fam!  With over 82,000 Twitter followers and 25,000 Facebook “likes,” she’s making a BIG name for herself and we couldn’t [ Read More.. ]

Copley Society of Art

When you think about Boston, what comes to mind?  Maybe you’re thinking college town, sports dynasties, Tea Party or even our famous baked beans.  For me, its the art scene.  Since most of us at CAVATA are musicians we tend to feature and sponsor a variety of music artists but that doesn’t mean we’re not [ Read More.. ]


Meet A-tak, a young MC from Massachusetts. In 2003 he started online battle rapping but after just one summer of freestyle battle rapping, he quit, thinking that was the end of that phase in his life. In January of 2005, the bug bit him again and he started writing, eventually recording his first song in [ Read More.. ]


Timmy’s Take: THE AVENGERS

I was sooo fucking excited to see this movie and when that happens with my luck it usually sucks balls, but to my surprise I really enjoyed it. There were a SHITLOAD of corny stupid super hero moments and shit you’d only understand if you read comic books every day since your wedgies began but [ Read More.. ]



I read an interesting article on today and it hit me so strongly that I wanted to share the author’s perspective with our readers.  If you haven’t heard, Boston radio station WFNX 101.7 was recently sold to Clear Channel.  Why does this matter?  Why should you care?  Here is what Hilary Hughes has to [ Read More.. ]

“I Don’t Play” Behind The Scenes x Cavata x Bargang Cypher

Traditional behind the scenes footage sucks. Let’s be honest. It’s a bunch of obnoxious shots of the artist doing his thing not synched up with music and joking around with whatever camera crew guys are most funny. It’s boring and ridiculous. That is why we chose to incorporate some of the REAL dopeness that went [ Read More.. ]

Boston, MA – 05/10/12

Street Art

The motivations and objectives that drive street artists are as varied as the artists themselves. There is a strong current of activism and subversion in urban art. Street art can be a powerful platform for reaching the public, and frequent themes include adbusting,  subvertising and other culture jamming, the abolishment of private property and  reclaiming the streets. Some street artists [ Read More.. ]


I still have a few tangible CDs that I listen to that are mostly from independent artists but most of my music is digital nowadays. I was cleaning out an old storage container and came across a few gems that sparked a huge wave of nostalgia. Everyone has a song/record/album that never gets old, that [ Read More.. ]

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