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October 2011 Archive

The R’ebel Magazine Feature

The R’ebel Mag highlights topics that engage readers in thought leadership, entertains with a rebellious twist and spotlights visionaries and leaders who are encouraging positive change and making a difference.  A few weeks ago the lovely ladies behind The R’ebel Mag were nice enough to feature CAVATA in their new publication and asked me (Lori) [ Read More.. ]

Timmy’s Take: Friends With Benefits

When I first heard about this movie I thought ” Oh I liked it the first time i saw it when it was called NO STRINGS ATTACHED”. But it surprised me. The movie was really just ok! Not bad, not really good, just ok. They try to go against all other movies that are sappy [ Read More.. ]

Welcome Smitty to the CAVATA Family!

We’re very excited to announce a new addition to the CAVATA family.  Say hello to Timmy Smith AKA Smitty. Timmy Smith is the man behind “Timmy’s Take,” an honest, no-holds-barred, often NSFW movie review blog.  Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have made it easy for “Timmy’s Take” readers to share his raunchy, side-splitting [ Read More.. ]

Art & Copy

I recently re-watched ART & COPY, a powerful film about advertising and inspiration.  I loved it the first time but I think I enjoyed it even more the second time around! Directed by Doug Pray(Surfwise, Scratch, Hype!) ART & COPY reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our [ Read More.. ]

Hometown Entrepreneurs

I love discovering new indie brands and businesses and feature them on the site from time to time.  I especially love seeing great things coming from people from Boston!  Greg, Courtney and Liz are all from my hometown of Braintree, Massachusetts, a suburb right outside of the city, and are the visionaries behind 3 very [ Read More.. ]


Who’s Getting Paid?

I found this little gem and it got me thinking about the history, current state and future of the music industry both as a platform for expression and from a money-making business perspective.  With the passing of Steve Jobs I’ve been talking with friends about how Apple revolutionized how we buy and listen to music, [ Read More.. ]

QUIET STORM – “Good Die Young” ft. CAVATA

Check out Quiet Storm rocking his limited-edition CAVATA pullover in his new video,  “Good Die Young.”  Shout out to all the Storm Troopers!  MSH!


Art Is Everywhere

I came across this and it made me smile.  Plain and simple.  Perfect example of how an artist can see beyond what is really there.  I’ll help you finish that bottle, giant panda, and I miss you, too, cute old lady.