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November 2010 Archive

Still time to get tix for the 2010 BMAs!

Last year’s Boston Music Awards was the highlight of the year so we’re especially proud to announce that CAVATA is the exclusive videographer of the 2010 BMAs! Taking place at the gorgeous Liberty Hotel, the BMAs are jam-packed with performances by nominees of all genres throughout the night. Best of all, the proceeds from ticket [ Read More.. ]

Berklee Covers

Boston is known as a college city; although home to Boston University, Boston College, Harvard, MIT, Emerson and MassArt, among others, you can’t talk about colleges and not mention Berklee College of Music. From John Mayer to Quincy Jones, Berklee has expanded the creative minds of some of music’s most popular and influential people. A [ Read More.. ]

Walking Dead

Have you heard about AMC’s new television series called “Walking Dead?”  I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant because I figured any zombie/”infected”-genre show on cable tv would be incredibly tame but “Walking Dead” delivers; in addition to great casting and suspenseful writing  the special effects and make-up are phenominal!  If you read this blog or personally know me [ Read More.. ]

Boston Meet-up

Last Friday our friends at Regan Smith Clarke hosted Part II of their Social Media campaign at The Pour House in Boston. It goes without saying that anytime CAVATA & RSC get together its a guaranteed good time but it was also so much fun meeting all the other Boston-area brands, screenprinters and tee-enthusiasts. This [ Read More.. ]

Missy Higgins

A friend of mine recently introduced me to Missy Higgins and I’ve become somewhat obsessed since. Missy is an Australian pop singer-songwriter, musician and actor with a voice like a sweet whisper and lyrics with meaning that tell stories about things we all go through.  I highly recommend you check her out.  She’s a sincere [ Read More.. ]


Boston, MA – 11/06/10


These days I don’t watch too much television but my new favorite show is NBC’s “Community.” I luff this show! I’m a big fan of ensemble casts like “The Office” so “Community” is right up my alley. The show centers on Jeff Winger (Joel McHale from The Soup), a suspended lawyer who was forced back [ Read More.. ]

Boston, MA – 11/05/10

SAW 3D Review

SAW 3D: The Final Chapter was everything I thought it would be in terms of blood, guts & gore but I was surprisingly impressed with the writers’ ability to stitch together the loose narratives of 6 preview SAW movies. I always go see SAW around Halloween, it’s become kind of a tradition, but as the [ Read More.. ]