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October 2010 Archive

Boston, MA – 10/30/10

Nasty Nat – “Halloween Flow”

Our friend, Nasty Nat, gave CAVATA an exclusive sneak peek at his new track “Halloween Flow.”  Nat is about to drop new tunes very soon so if you like this jam you’ll love what’s coming next.  You heard it here at CAVATA first!  Get ‘em, Anglin! NASTY NAT “Halloween Flow” over Kanye West’s “Monster” -Lori

Lori’s Top 10 Horror Movies

Halloween 2010 is just a few days away so in honor of the 2nd best holiday ever I present to you my top 10 favorite horror movies. (in no particular order)  I’m not saying these are the best horror movies ever made but they’re definitely some of my favorites.  Guts n’ gore, zombies, contagious infections, [ Read More.. ]

Mighty Mystic premiers “I ALONE” music video

Congratulations to one of our favorite artists, Mighty Mystic, on the premier of his music video, “I ALONE” from his latest album, “Wake Up The World.” Mystic is in constant rotation around the CAVATA office and he has been a supporter of our brand from the start. Not only is he an amazing artist who [ Read More.. ]

And we’re back!

Sorry for the short blog hiatus! We’ve been having a few technical difficulties with our network but the good news is we’re back and better than ever. For the past few weeks we’ve been working very hard prepping for our winter drop which will include new items we’ve never before had in the store, including [ Read More.. ]

Boston, MA – 10/13/10

Movie review: Case 39

Last night, after a sushi dinner, I ventured out to Woburn with some friends to see “Case 39″ starring Lemon Face Renee Zellweger and The hot guy from The Hangover Bradley Cooper.  The theater was small but cozy and they had an amazing Wizard of OZ neon light display in the front window. The [ Read More.. ]

RSC drops FALL 2010 Collection

If you’re a fan of CAVATA then you’ve already heard me talk about my amazing friend, Regan Smith Clarke; along with being personal friends our brands released a collaboration tee in June and we both were vendors at this summer’s SOWA open market. I’m happy to announce that Regan has just released the RSC Fall [ Read More.. ]

Fitchburg, MA – 10/10/10

A-ha, Bruno Mars!

I was watching a few music videos the other night (you know, those things MTV used to play when I was a kid before the days of Teen Mom and Jersey Shore) and I came across the new video for Bruno Mars’ hit, “Just The Way You Are.” I actually liked this video and give [ Read More.. ]

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