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June 2010 Archive

CAVATA is getting a facelift

If you experience any difficulties navigating the CAVATA website, don’t worry!  We’re making a few changes to the aesthetic of the site and to the layout of the storefront that should be done within the next few days.  In other news, CAVATA is going to be a vendor at 3 events: SOWA, Hyde Park ArtScene and the Open [ Read More.. ]

CAVATA X RSC drops today

The day is finally here! Introducing the first-annual CAVATA X RSC collaboration tee. This exclusive, limited-edition tees is only available in the CAVATA and RSC online shops and WILL NOT be reprinted once its sells out. To celebrate the release of our first collaboration, 20% of every purchase to support music and art programs in public schools. *FREE* [ Read More.. ]

Get Him To The Greek REVIEW

After recently seeing two movies, Get Him To The Greek and Jonah Hex, I have come to two conclusions: British accents automatically make a person more interesting and Megan Fox should only be cast in silent movies.  However, since I saw GHTTG first, I’ll save Jonah Hex for another post.  GET HIM TO THE GREEK:  Let me preface this by saying I took [ Read More.. ]

CAVATA X RSC drops this Monday

The wait is over.  On Monday, June 28, we will be releasing our collaboration tee shirt we developed with fellow Boston-based brand, Regan Smith Clarke.  More details to come over the weekend but this exclusive, limited-edition tee will come with a special gift, free shipping and absolutely WILL NOT be reprinted once it sells out.    -Lori

Featured Artist: Amy Walkins

Meet Amy Walkins, an up-and-coming photographer from Boston. As a kid, Amy used to buy disposable camera after disposable camera (me too!) and would scrapbook all of her photographic adventures until she graduated to the basic point-and shoot-camera during her teens. Wanting to take her hobby to new heights, she finally stepped up her game [ Read More.. ]

Express yourself

A few weeks ago my friend, Teryn, asked me to come and sing a few songs to open up a poetry reading.  This wasn’t an ordinary poetry slam, though; Teryn is the director of a program in Lynn, Massachusetts that supports homeless teen mothers and their children.  I had heard so much about the program and [ Read More.. ]

Cambridge, MA – 06/20/10

Featured Artist: Burning Down Broadway

There are no fancy gimmicks when it comes to Burning Down Broadway’s “Time Is Money.” The title of the band’s third release since 2007 is a true testament to how far the Cleveland quartet has come. Brothers, Max and Dylan Hayden, along with Jeff Bazzo and Kevin McManus played the high school circuit but as [ Read More.. ]

Worcester, MA – 06/09/10

Manchester, NH – 06/05/10

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