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May 2010 Archive

Eternal Healing

Have you ever had a massage? A professional massage, I mean. A few months ago I was feeling really sore from Lupus so my friend, John Dicenzo, offered me a free massage at Eternal Healing in Marshfield which he runs with Monika Uremovik and Erin Kearney. This place is amazing; from the eclectic, comfy arm [ Read More.. ]

Sixth-Grade CEO Amiya Alexander

Meet Amiya Alexander, a spunky 11-year-old entrepreneur who is the President and CEO of Amiya’s Mobile Dance Academy. Amiya is a tween on the move…literally. Her dance studio is a giant pink school bus that was converted by her mother as a Christmas present! With the goal of decreasing childhood obesity, promoting creativity and expression [ Read More.. ]

Beantown’s representative: Nasty Nat

Check out these photos of our boy, Nasty Nat, during his performance last Friday night at Harper’s Ferry.  The Boston-bred MC and CAVATA supporter played to a packed house and by the end of his set had the whole crowd chanting “Naaasty! Naaasty!”   Nat is just getting started in his musical career and already has a killer demo [ Read More.. ]


The Angkor Dance Troupe

When I was a Junior undergrad at UMass Lowell I had a few open electives I had to fill, one being a history course. Since I was studying Philosophy and Communications I was able to pick from any history course the school offered so rather than taking another American or European history class I decided [ Read More.. ]

Fake it until you Make it

“Fake it until you make it.”  What does this really mean?  Sometimes also referred to “Act as if,” its a common catchphrase that means to imitate confidence so that as the confidence produces success it generates real confidence.  The purpose is to avoid getting stuck in a self fulfilling prophecy related to one’s fear of not being [ Read More.. ]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lopez

When you run an indie brand and are trying to support artists from the ground up by going to shows, events, exhibits, etc., you find yourself on the road…a lot.  Sometimes this cuts into your hanging time with friends but, hey, it takes sacrifices to get what you want sometimes.  A few days ago a good [ Read More.. ]

Cambridge, MA – 05/21/10

Allston – 05/21/10

Featured Artist: Damian King

Damian King is a freelance illustrator, designer and painter out of the Bay Area and after seeing some of his paintings I absolutely fell in love with his work. My favorite pieces of his use a mix of ink and acrylic which is an aesthetic I absolutely love and his use of texture in pieces [ Read More.. ]

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