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April 2010 Archive

Mighty Mystic – Wake Up The World

May 7th IS ALMOST HERE! This event is going to be crazy! As most of you know, Mighty Mystic is a good friend of ours here at CAVATA. The friendship we’ve built with him and his camp comes with good reason. He represents exactly what we try to promote here at CAVATA. He appreciates the [ Read More.. ]

The Fourth Kind- movie review

I’ve always been a big fan of movies based on actual events like “Goodfellas,” “Erin Brockovich,” “The Perfect Storm,” etc. Last night I sat down to watch “The Fourth Kind.” The film, although a work of fiction, is allegedly based on a true story and uses what are claimed to be actual clips and records [ Read More.. ]


My good friend, Ashley “Thayzees” Mowry, and I have been trying to get together for such a long time but something always comes up that changes our plans.  I was supposed to go visit her in New York the weekend of the 7th but plans fell through.  Well, Ms. Mowry called me today and invited [ Read More.. ]

A picture is worth a thousand words

Check out these videos Alicia Keys and 50 Cent just sent over showing their undying appreciation for me. Ok, that’s not true. BUT…they’re pretty hilarious nonetheless. Hey, I can dream, can’t I? Enjoy!   -Lori

Rainbow Tribe Dance Company

“Formed in 1992, Rainbow Tribe bridges cultural differences and fosters a universal appreciation for dance in all its forms. Since its inception as a volunteer run and operated entity, this Boston-based inclusive contemporary jazz dance company has delivered fiercely intense, high-octane performances throughout the East Coast. Artistic director, Mary Mazzulli, and her Leadership Team are [ Read More.. ]

Quincy, MA – 04/24/10

Interview on

I was recently interviewed by radio show for a segment on entrepreneurialism. Georgette Pierre, host of BrnSknSpeaks, is a fellow Emerson alum and one of the most hilarious and friendliest people I’ve ever met. Check out the interview below and make sure to tune into radio show every Wednesday at 8pm! -Lori


Featured Artist: NORAA

Coming straight out of Maryland, 19 year old hip-hop artist, Noraa, is the newest addition to the up and coming DMV movement.  Born in Philly, Noraa settled down in Howard County, MD and found himself surrounded by family and friends who shared the same passion and love for music as he did.  Driven by desire and encouraged by like-minded [ Read More.. ]

Regan Smith Clarke

Introducing Regan Smith Clarke: The man, the myth, the tee shirt.  My good friend and fellow Bostonian apparel entrepreneur, Regan Clarke, launched his namesake brand a few weeks ago and I couldn’t be more excited! Classes at a graphic design college can also teach you how to make cool graphic tees like this. SweetPete and I met [ Read More.. ]

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