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February 2010 Archive

The Art of Comedy

It’s not so often that you hear people describe comedy as an art or comedians as artists. This is probably because we generally relate the performing arts to dramatical performances, either on stage or on the big screen. However, the more you think about it the clearer it becomes that great comedians, whether stand-up comics [ Read More.. ]

Art of the Mixtape

I recently had a conversation about “the art of the mixtape” with a friend of mine.  She said even though mixtapes still exist and are easy to create, especially in the mp3 digital age, nothing will compare to original cassette mixtape.  I have to agree with that.  Before Napster or torrent sites my cousins and [ Read More.. ]

Shutter Island

When the credits started to roll and the house lights came on, all I could think of was how much I didn’t like Shutter Island. I mean, there were only 2 possible endings, he’s crazy or he’s not. Depending on how well you followed the movie and picked up on the little hints, it can [ Read More.. ]

Collette’s Caleb

My friend and fellow Emerson alum, Trinette Faint, is a woman of many talents; a creative marketer, model, photographer, entrepreneur…and now author! Trinette recently published her first novel, “Colette’s Caleb,” which is available for purchase HERE “Twenty-seven year-old Collette Sandrine-Anais Smith lives the life most people dream of. As the personal assistant to lothario celebrity [ Read More.. ]

Behind the Scenes w. Mark James

Check out this video of Dan and I backstage with Breaking Benjamin including an appearance from Mark James.  Such a great night!  Next up, Alicia Keys & Jay-Z (and of course many many local bands, too!)   Note to self: lay off the Red Bull. That’s some shaky camera work!     -Lori


Boston, Massachusetts is an amazing city; not only is it rich in American history there’s also no shortage of cultural, visual and performing arts venues. I’ve lived around Boston my entire life yet I still have not experienced everything this city has to offer! I’ll admit that I go out to see more music than [ Read More.. ]

Backstage with Breaking Benjamin

More photos and videos to come. For now, check out my brother and I hanging backstage with Breaking Benjamin after their soundcheck. Great guys, great musicians, great times. -Lori

Breaking Benjamin, 3 Days Grace, Flyleaf

Tomorrow my little bro, Dan, and I (note: I will always call him my little bro even though he’s 22) are heading to Lowell, MA for the Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace & Flyleaf concert at the Tsongas Arena. I went to school at UMass Lowell and had a craptastic part-time concession stand job at the [ Read More.. ]

The Green Machine

People, get ready for the newest form of advertising, the Green Machine by City Green Advertising. It is the first and only patented mobile multimedia exhibition center that is completely environmentally friendly. Its a traditional rickshaw bicycle transformed into a cutting edge mobile medium for advertising. Equipped with two 50″ HD televisions, custom audio, XBOX [ Read More.. ]

Together: New England Electronic Music Festival

Check it out February 8th-14th     “Together: The New England Electronic Music Festival is that rarest of opportunities. For many people, dance music and its continuing surge in popular culture provides a chance to collaborate and communicate as never before: thoughts are remixed, songs are made in cooperation and entire events are promoted collectively. [ Read More.. ]

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