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January 2010 Archive


Tim Blane & Megan Burtt

On Wednesday, I finally got the chance to check out Boston’s House of Blues.  It was kind of a trip because I remember when that spot used to be the Axis/Avalon clubs (and when an ex dragged me to see Ashlee Simpson…but I forgive myself for that musical transgression).  Normally the Foundation Room is an invite-only/members-only [ Read More.. ]

Behind the scenes w. Ashley Mowry

On the site we usually feature musicians, artists, photographers, etc. but after a recent conversation I decided the people behind the scenes deserve just as much appreciation and attention as the artists but often aren’t as celebrated.  After all, tours don’t book themselves and paintings don’t magically appear in galleries; someone behind the scenes is making moves to [ Read More.. ]

Misa Digital Guitar

Check this out!  Is this the future of music?  Probably not.  Still, though, I would love to get my hands on one of these and shred.  Ok, maybe not shred, but I can play a mean “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I picked up the piano very easily but the guitar always [ Read More.. ]

Boston, MA – 01/21/10

Featured Artist: Christopher Huang

When Cavata was first launched I had featured a very talented photographer/musician/friend named Christopher Huang. Considering the brand was in its infancy and we really didn’t have a great deal of web traffic I thought I’d re-feature Chris now and hopefully give him the recognition he deserves! Chris and I are both members of the Afro [ Read More.. ]


Weekend Rewind

Good music + good peoples + a long weekend = WIN.  Saturday night the entire Cavata Crew & friends from all over headed to Harper’s ferry in Allston, MA to check out Bad Rabbits & Wale.  Harpers is a great venue because it can fit 350+ heads in the building, has good sound and lets you get [ Read More.. ]


Avatar has been out now for a few weeks but if you haven’t seen it yet, well, then you’re just missing out on the most revolutionary movie of our time. No, I’m not talking in terms of the plot (although it wasnt bad at all) I’m talking about its insane animation and 3D visual effects. [ Read More.. ]

Perspective & Connection

There’s so much to enjoy, appreciate & admire when it comes to music and art but what I find the most fascinating is the ability to experience a piece of work at one point in your life and then have a completely different experience at another point in life all based on your current perspective.  Part of this personal epiphany [ Read More.. ]

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