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November 2009 Archive

More Mighty Mystic, More Fire!!

Another Mighty Mystic show, another unforgettable performance! Pound It! This time the Cavata Crew and some friends hit the road to venture out to a place called The Grog in Newburyport, MA. It was definitely more of an intimate setting but the place was packed to the max with Mystic fans and others ready to [ Read More.. ]

Dirty Ass Soaps

Last night I was reading up on Bazaar Bizarre, an annual craft fair in Boston, MA, when I came across a company I absolutely fell in love with: Dirty Ass Soaps.  No, these aren’t adult-themed soaps (damn) but handmade, vegan-friendly soaps that look like everything from an NES controller to sashimi sushi to bacon and eggs.  [ Read More.. ]

Featured Artist: FlyBoy JC

FlyBoy JC is an indie musician, born and raised in the Bronx, New York.   According to his bio, “All his life he has been pursuing a career in the musical arts.”  Although JC’s music has a solid foundation in hip-hop he has never considered himself to be labeled as a rapper, moreso a musician.  Kids like FlyBoy seem [ Read More.. ]

Mighty Mystic, Three Legged Fox, Fear Nuttin’ Band!

Last night the Cavata Crew travelled all the way out to Maximum Capacity in Chicopee, MA to support some good music as always. The lineup for the night was insane: Three Legged Fox, Mighty Mystic and Da Fear Nuttin’ Band! It was the Fear Nuttin Band’s Yardcore 2.0 cd release party and yes yes a [ Read More.. ]

Three Legged Fox

The other day the Cavata Armada made its way into Boston to see Three Legged Fox- a roots/rock/reggae quartet hailing from Wallingford, PA.  Normally, I’m a little hesitant when it comes to “jam bands” of sorts but this group, thankfully, did not fall into the trap of 20 minute solos to fill a set.  In actuality, [ Read More.. ]

Holiday gift dilemma?

  Do you have a friend,  relative or girlfriend/boyfriend who is extremely hard to buy for?  Does this person seem to have everything he or she could need OR did you get the annoying response  “Oh, I don’t know what I want…suprise me!”  Are you a Secret Santa or plan on going to a $20 [ Read More.. ]

Cafe 939

Last night the Afro dz AK All Stars played a gig at Berklee’s Cafe 939 and I did a few tunes with them- “Lyrics to Grow” and Jill Scott’s “Golden.”  Before we took the stage the opener was an artist named Nneka and her band. To say last night was a multicultural experience would be understatement. [ Read More.. ]

Featured Artist: Sue Cabot

I met Sue back in 2003 when we both were college students UMass Lowell.  I always knew Sue was a great writer but I never knew just how great until I started reading her poetry about a year ago.  I love good poetry but the problem I have with a lot of poetry is poets trying to sound smarter than they [ Read More.. ]

The Middle East Upstairs

Last night I went to the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge to finally see Bad Rabbits live in action.  Like I said in a previous post, every single time they’ve played in Boston I had another commitment so I was PUMPED to finally make it to a gig.  Here’s how the night went… First, I [ Read More.. ]

Bad Rabbits release 3 new tracks

  Ever since I heard that the Eclectic Collective was breaking up and the remaining members were forming the new band, Bad Rabbits, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the debut album.  Today, the dudes in BR released 3 tracks at    All you gotta do is enter in your name, email address and zip code and [ Read More.. ]

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