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October 2009 Archive

An open letter to my liver and lungs (Happy Halloween!!)

  Dear lungs & liver-   Tonight we are celebrating the glorious night of All Hallow’s Eve.  I just want to be upfront and apologize for the abuse I am about to inflict on you but rest assured I will drink plenty of fluids, have Advil on hand and take it easy…tomorrow. I’ve been having a [ Read More.. ]

Featured Artist Series

The thing I love most about being involved in the Boston music and art scene is being part of a community of creative, interesting people.  Music and art are forms of expression that, I feel, should be shared which is why I want this site to be more than just a store front for CAVATA’s apparel.  [ Read More.. ]

Pumpkin Art

Even though I’ve had a pumpkin for a few weeks now I finally got around to carving it last night.  When it comes to carvin ‘kins, though, I’m traditionalist; I don’t use templates or fancy tools, just a steak knife a spoon and a prayer I don’t cut myself.  Also, I’m a fan of Jack-O-lanterns with [ Read More.. ]

Sexy PACKAGE-ing (possibly NSFW)

I’m a sucker for creative packaging & sometimes I’ll even buy an item just because the packaging is THAT cool (that’s how they getcha!)  I came across this gem yesterday and had to share it.   I think quirky things like this are the greatest.  Its a really creative way of altering the product packaging to [ Read More.. ]

Shark Tank

One of my new favorite shows is Shark Tank on ABC – I can’t get enough of it!  In case you haven’t heard of it, its a new adaptation of a Japanese reality show (there’s also a British version) where hopeful entrepreneurs pitch their product/idea/service to 5 successful business people in hopes of getting a lucrative [ Read More.. ]

“Memoirs” Review

I don’t like to give my opinion about an album until I’ve had the chance to listen to it a couple of times because its almost impossible to get the full picture when you’re only hearing the first minute of each track.  With that said, I bought Mariah’s “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” last week [ Read More.. ]

Bad Rabbits

Featured Band:  BAD RABBITS  ( Boston’s Bad Rabbits is a unique mix of power and Soul with the definite propensity to explode on stage. They are the surprising combination of New Jack Swing with a hard, hybrid edge— @CavataClothing


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Stop Animation Mural Amazingness

This amazing video is called “MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU.”  The skill + sound effects + vision in this piece blow me away!  Check it out…   -Lori

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