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September 2009 Archive

MC’s new record out today

I’ve been a Mariah Carey fan since the 90’s; I’ve been there for the grammys, all 17 #1’s, the meltdowns, the implants & the rise back to the top.  There was a period when she was releasing pure garbage but her recent singles have been right on track with pristine vocals & sharp hooks. That’s why [ Read More.. ]

Welcome to CAVATA v2.0!

I ran into a few friends on Saturday night and one of them said “When is the new site gonig up?  I’ve been stalking it for weeks!”  Just wanted to give an update to let you know CAVATA 2.0 has launched!  Its been a wild ride and I hit my share of potholes along the way [ Read More.. ]

CAVATA Sightings

Check out photos of British MC, Lady Sovereign, rocking CAVATA’s “Its A Wrap” tee during a performance in Boston, MA.